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A non-profit, sex education training program to empower youth, nationwide, to act as experts amongst their peers on all topics sexuality.



Lets remedy the misinformation or lack of knowledge students leave their sex education classes with... if they are lucky enough to have those classes at all. "

Founded by sex educator Tara Michaela, the Youth Sexpert Program is a semester long, virtual training program for high school enrolled youth ages 14-18. Weekly zoom sessions range in topics from anatomy to consent to self pleasure to STI destigmatization to porn literacy. The program is fundamentally pleasure centered and radically honest, as opposed to fear driven. As a social media based initiative, assets would be provided to youth so they could inform their peers of their status as a youth "sexpert". They will not be required to host classes or workshops, rather their "sexpert" status will aid them in social interactions, as many youth look to their peers outside of school hours to discuss their sexuality. Digital sex educators with various areas of expertise are invited to guest teach.


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